Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bodypump 57 4 weeks to go!

Read that some places this month launch Bodypump 56 wow. We have had it for well over 2 months now.

Bodypump 56 is a feel good Bodypump, people have been raving about this release. Must admit one thing that Bodypump 55 is a hard core Bodypump I loved Bodypump 55 and still to this day think that release 55 is outstanding.

So what made Bodypump 56 a huge success?

It began with an outstanding track 1 "I Believe" which made us all feel good.

Track 2 "Voodoo Child" is a chart topper where I am from and Rouge Traders have had massive airplay with this track which means that everyone knows the track which means "instant appeal".

Track 3 "She Drives Me Crazy" appeals to generation X and Y. It is a flashback track and we all knew the track from the 80's. It also is a good sing-along track as well which makes it even more appealing to the class members and instructors.

Track 4 "Why" was a hit another flashback up-dated and recovered by DJ Sammy. I was shocked to learn that the song was not sung by "Annie Lennox" in this version.

Track 5 "Satisfaction" the track brings back "kickbacks" which is also a crowd pleasers. "Stranger in My House" also has them and was a huge success where I am from.

Track 6 "Gonna Make You Sweat" was a huge hit in the 80's and appeals to generation X and Y. Who would have thought that C & C would make a huge Biceps track. It worked and worked well. It is one of the best track 6's ever. IMO.

Track 7 "Wonderful Life" wow less complicated but more dynamic in so many ways it is also a remake of a 80's track by "Black" which also appeals to generation X and Y.

Track 8 "I Like the Way" was an instant hit around the world and is a chart topper in 2005. It appeals to everyone and has tons of airplay a real feelgood track.

Track 9 "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" was a huge hit for "Culture Club" it was their first hit ever from "Kissing to Be Clever" it also appeals to generation X. When Boy George came on the scene music changed forever.

Track 10 "Angles" according to Robbie Williams defined his career and made him a start. The track was a huge hit all around the world and appeals to everyone. I don't know one person who does not like "Angles"

Track 11 "Spirit in the Sky" was a huge hit in 1973 and was remade by "Dr and the Medics" in the 1980's which also appeals to generation X. Gareth made it a hit again about two years ago. It still has universal appeal.

So where am I going?

What makes "Bodypump 56" a success?

Familiar tunes that we all know. Music that crosses across generations a bit of a nostalgic trip back to the past splashed with some hits from today.

I am from generation X and it is a wonderful trip back to the past and remembering good songs - good times and the 80's. Hearing "She Drives Me Crazy" "Gonna Make You Sweat" "Wonderful Life" "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me" again was a warm and fuzzy feeling and remembering the music and artists that were around back then made "Bodypump 56" an outstanding release indeed!

"Bodypump 57" by looking at what is coming up is filled with tracks and music of today.

You truly go from one spectrum to another with "Bodypump" :)

Awesome work Michael :)



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